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About Us

Residency Eye Care (REC) is an optometry practice that provides comprehensive eye care to aging, mentally and physically disabled patients at their residences.  We are located in the Philadelphia area and offer complete eye exams and eyewear services for those who do not have access to much needed consistent eye care. Regular eye examinations are not only important to ensure vision is optimized, but also help with early diagnosis of disorders such as glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy.  Along with optimal visual aids and glasses, our services provide improved quality of life to individuals, and increase their ability to thrive in the comforts of where they reside.

Many patients cannot attend appointments due to physical limitations and/or lack of transportation.  Seniors and individuals with chronic health conditions can require multiple visits and ocular assessments.  REC mitigates this problem by going to the patients’ place of residence to perform complete eye exams, follow-up exams, post-op care and repair/replacement of glasses.  We make optimal eye care accessible to this unique and underserved population.

Our board certified optometrists supported by an outstanding credentialed staff, will provide the best of care. With superior clinical expertise, our team is committed to help patients live well and feel their best. We work with and provide necessary education to the facilities to ensure the proper scheduling and follow ups with each patient.  We work closely with our patients and facilities to develop and engage them in individualized care plans that include regular screenings, and coordination with specialists and their primary care physicians.

We are one of few eye care practices to offer mobile services. Our differentiating factor is the expert level of care service we offer that is essential to servicing developmentally disabled patients whose specific needs even fewer practices are able to meet. Our doctors are well-known and highly respected in the medical community for providing quality medical care to families in the communities we serve.  With locations in the Philadelphia and surrounding area, we are located where you live, work and play.

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